Abdominal Emergencies for EMS Personell



Acute abdominal pain is a common  complaint encountered by prehospital care personnel. It can be an indication of a number of diseases and conditions involving abdominal organs and structures or associated with referred pain from organs and structures outside the borders of the abdominal cavity. However, a sudden onset and severe abdominal pain is almost always caused by some type of intra-abdominal pathology.

Multiple organ systems lie within or pass through the abdomen, but the majority of abdominal cavity is filled with the organs of digestion, absorption and excretion. Because there are so many organs and structures involved, there are a large number of GI conditions. By understanding the anatomy and physiology, as well as specific knowledge about potentially critical conditions, EMS providers can differentiate serious medical emergencies from minor belly pain complaints.



Wireless, Handheld Ultrasound Scanners on Display at EMS World Expo


Having the ability to use real-time ultrasound imaging in the field will help improve treatment and patient outcomes. Scanners are wireless and work with a mobile app that is compatible with most iOS and Android smart phones and tablets, it is designed to image the abdomen, lungs and for quick scans of the heart and is ideal for guiding procedures such as nerve blocks and targeted injections.


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